Blue Mountain Associates Inc.
Wyoming Food Speciality Crop

Project purpose:
The purpose of this project is to
develop a cooperative effort
between three entities, BMA, the
Arapaho Ranch and the University
of Wyoming Wind River Extension
Office, to utilize idle land to provide
both healthy food and educational
benefits for communities on the
Wind River Indian Reservation. The project
will also bring about a renewed interest in
healthy food incentives and help to foster
creativity for other small land owners to do
the same. Apples, raspberries and choke
cherries are the fruits selected to produce.
Apple trees delivered!

Below: One of the five rows of apple trees planted in June, 2011. The irrigation system is in and ready. As you can tell there is no 'deer fence' and this cost us four trees through the Fall and Winter. Another element you contend with in Wyoming is the wind. Shortly (two days) after completing the shed seen here, a strong storm moved in with very high winds. Result, the shed is no longer there....

Speciality Crop  has five main project goals:

1. To develop a new use for idle land, with adequate water resources that will provide speciality crops of nutritional food for under-served communities.
2. To have at least 50 tribal members participate in a variety of workshops demonstrating the value of speciality crops.
3. To enlist at least 20 youth volunteers to take part in the various stages in the development of the speciality crops process.
4. To conduct five (5) community workshops for the strategic planning of creative and productive speciality crops on the WRIR.
5. To create and implement a Farmers Market through the cooperative effort of this project and community members.

Important note: Anyone, tribal or otherwise is welcome to assist us in the completion of this project. For more information see the 'Contact Us' located on the 'Home" page of this site.
Ha hou!

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